Sales Effectiveness


The role of the professional sales person is broken down into three areas shown on the outer circle of the ILO Sales Effectiveness Model:


  • Marketplace Skills (Knowing what needs to be done)

  • Customer Skills (Selling and Gaining Commitment)

  • Entrepreneurial Skills (Driving the business forward)


These areas are supported in turn by specific behaviours that are used as a measure of competence in the role. The nine behaviours are shown in the next concentric circle of the model. The importance of each of these nine behaviours is determined by three factors: the person with whom the sales person is engaging, the interpersonal skills required to build relationships or influence others, and the specific situation and needs of the client.


Our Sales Process is designed to provide a structure for engaging customers, identifying their specific needs, providing options to influence and gain commitment to agreements, and to establishing service agreements for turning customers into long-term clients.


Our research has shown that the most successful sales people also share five characteristics that differentiate them from others. These are Optimism, Personal Integrity, Internal Control, Personal Identity and Determination. These are shown in the inner circle.


Our Sales and CRM programmes are delivered by accredited trainers and are designed to increase sales productivity and generate loyal clients.


For more details of our Sales Effectiveness Model, research methodology and training programmes please contact us for a consultation.