Our Vision


To empower others, to discover their passion and help fulfil their potential, to make a difference by valuing the differences in each and every client that places their trust in us, by being a catalyst for learning, growth and change, and most importantly by putting the needs of our clients over our own financial interests


Our Mission


Established in UK and Dubai in 2003, ILO is a destination for high quality, bespoke training and development solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, who range from corporate organisations, government entities, banks and insurance companies to high profile businesses whose success is built on customer loyalty and retention. We make a difference by focusing on productive behaviours in the workplace, by developing high-performance leaders and by building core skills and behaviours that individuals require to be effective and valued by their organisation. Most importantly we always put people over profit and the needs of our clients first.


Our Values


Our integrity drives the choices and decisions we make

We value people over profit…always!

We believe learning should be fun, engaging and relevant

We respect cultural differences and the individualism of each person

We have a passion for learning, individual growth and change

Client retention is the only true measure of how we are doing