Mind Mapping

developed by Tony Buzan


One of our most popular products, ILO offer certified ThinkBuzan Mind Map Practitioner programmes delivered by accredited ThinkBuzan instructors and tailored specifically for the corporate and business environment. Our clients for Mind Map training include government bodies and ministries, oil industry, banks and insurance companies and educational centres. ILO present both public and in-house programmes.


Mind Maps are used by over 300 million teams and individuals within organisations
including Disney, BBC, University of Oxford, NASA, Microsoft and Intel.


Our Mind Map programmes can be designed to cover any or all of the following: 


  • Innovation & creativity in the workplace

  • Problem solving and decision making

  • Critical and creative thinking

  • Presentation skills

  • Learning, memory and retention skills


Each participant is presented with a copy of the latest ThinkBuzan iMindMap software and a certificate signed by Tony Buzan.