Leadership Effectiveness

The ILO Leadership Effectiveness Model shown here is designed to provide a context for planning Leadership in and Management Development by identifying the main functions, behaviours, competencies and core characteristics of effective leaders in the business environment.


The model identifies three main objectives of a Leader: a) Driving Objectives, b) Driving Performance and c) Driving Results. Underpinning these business objectives are the key behaviours, business processes and individual core characteristics necessary to excel as a Leader.  The focus is on managing outwards (the market) and managing inwards (the business), leading people and managing tasks, and developing oneself as a leader.


The model therefore provides a comprehensive framework of Leadership behaviour and can be used as a reference guide for Managers and HR individuals to understand the relevance of each module of the Leadership Programme and its interrelationship with other modules. A useful analogy would be to identify how the component parts of the jigsaw puzzle fit together to build a complete picture of Leadership Effectiveness.