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Our consultants and trainers are accredited by Insight Learning Organisation only after they have demonstrated competence and and expertise in their particular specialised field and have a proven track record.


Our learning interventions are delivered by an accredited facilitator supported, where appropriate, by additional trainers to ensure close supervision is provided to all your people.



Insight Learning Organisation offer a wide range of training and consultancy intervention solutions to meet the specific development needs of organisations. 


At ILO, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest training techniques and maintain a dynamic approach to training and education. For more information on our latest activities, news, views and updates, please regularly check our website.

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ILO Sales Effectiveness Model launched today!


ILO is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Sales Effectiveness’ Model, which has been developed following extensive studies into the behaviours of top sales producers. Our approach revolutionises traditional sales training by adopting an experiential learning approach based on what top performers actually do to succeed. Find out how our unique approach can help your sales and CRM teams to reach their goals and aspirations… Contact us today for more information on our full range of sales and CRM programmes.


Public Mind Mapping Course


ILO held a certified ThinkBuzan Mind Map Practitioner programme for senior professionals from Oil and Gas and other industries. Our public Mind Mapping courses are open to all, and focus on Innovation in the Workplace. Please contact us for details of our next public course.

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Our programmes are tailor-made. From large multi-national corporations to small companies and start-ups, we provide bespoke training specific to your needs and industry.